The Ultimate Guide to Impact Play

Somatica Institute
7 min readJun 25, 2021

As you explore your kinky tendencies, your journey may lead you to the wonderful, healing world of impact play. Within this adrenaline-fueled playground await some of the most exciting and edgy expressions of desire. Prepare yourself to be wowed — and to revel in the delicious line between pleasure and pain.

Are you enticed? Impact play awaits you. Here’s your ultimate guide to bringing it all to life.

What is Impact Play?

But first off — what is impact play, anyway? The practice is defined as a human sexual expression in which a person is struck by another for the sexual gratification of both. It’s associated with BDSM, and the activities involved may include flogging, spanking, punching, caning, cropping, and paddling. Sex toys may also play a role.

Start With Some Erotic Spanking

Many begin their journey into impact play with erotic spanking. It can be defined as consensual impact using one’s hands (normally on the buttocks or upper thighs). This can happen during other kinds of sexual intimacy, or may be a stand-alone experience that people enjoy.

Before slapping your partner’s hindquarters, it’s always good to have a discussion about their desires and boundaries. (This applies to all sexy play!) You have so many options…



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