Unicorn Hunting: How to Find the Perfect One

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5 min readNov 4, 2021

Unicorns — both in fantasy and relationships — are elusive creatures indeed. They equally have the potential to bring amazing adventure and explorative experiences. But in dating, there are some unicorn hunting ethics to keep in mind.

Although a relationship with a unicorn can be incredibly sexy, there’s a reason unicorns are so difficult to discover. Here’s how to ensure that the unicorn hunting process brings pleasure and fulfillment to everyone involved.

What Is a Unicorn in Dating?

In simple terms, a unicorn in the dating world is described as “ a bisexual woman who has sex with a heterosexual couple, often (but not always) without the expectation of emotional intimacy.”

The most common combination is a heterosexual couple and a pansexual or bisexual female unicorn. However, a unicorn can be someone of any gender, and can become involved with any type of couple.

Unicorns provide fun for both members of the couple. It is common for the couple to want the unicorn to be interested in both of them equally, and also agree to be exclusive to them.

The reason why unicorns are generally women is simple: in a heterosexual couple, it’s more often the woman who wants to experiment with her sexuality. It also presents a soft entry…



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