What is Adult Breastfeeding?

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6 min readAug 17, 2021

If you had a baby recently, there are many sources available to support you in the science of breastfeeding your child. However, in this article, we want to explore a different angle on the topic — adult breastfeeding.

What is adult breastfeeding? Generally, it is defined as adult women (who may or may not be lactating) nursing their partner. While not widely discussed, adult breastfeeding can have health benefits and be an intimate way to bond closer with your co-parent. Additionally, it can also be highly arousing, depending on your history and sexual kinks.

Can Adults Drink Breast Milk?

First things first: you’re probably wondering if adults can drink breast milk.

The answer is, in short: yes.

However there is widespread division on whether or not it is healthy to do so. Let’s explore the pros and cons of sharing breast milk with other adults, and see what experts on both sides of the argument are saying about it.

Benefits of Breast Milk for Adults

The benefits of adult breastfeeding include immunity and other health boosts. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) says that due to breast milk’s antibacterial qualities, it can be used to cure cuts and scrapes on the body as well as other skin ailments. NCBI also recommends using it to soothe raw nipples from breastfeeding.

Ingesting the milk may have a whole different set of benefits for adult systems as well. According to the International Breastfeeding Centre, during sickness, a mother’s body will produce antibodies to fight off the illness. These antibodies will carry into her breast milk to keep her baby immune from the illness. It is believed these antibodies could boost immunity in adults as well.

There is also a market for adults who wish to purchase breast milk to improve their health. Websites where mothers can sell their breast milk are not only frequented by women who need to supplement their own supply, but also by adults seeking to use it as an addition to their workout regimen. Some male bodybuilders are finding they get an energy boost from breast milk, and are claiming it to be a great health supplement.



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